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Fredrick County, VA

21, 22


The Gift of Flight

Are you feeling lost, stuck and frustrated?  Do you struggle with daily life and feel as if you just can’t find a way to move forward?  Do you want to soar to new heights?  If so, check out the Gift of Flight!

The Gift of Flight is a fun-filled, two-day, experiential seminar that helps you tap into and express your innate human potential.  We give you foundations for moving your life forward, and the teachings and tools for developing an inspired, meaningful and prosperous life.

Developing your talents and belief systems, we’ll guide through a process where you’ll discover and express your unique contributions.  In addition, in our two follow-up calls, we’ll help you learn how to take your contributions out into the world.

If that sounds like a lot, for a two-day workshop, it is.  You see, we do this through “wayfinding,” which combines exploration, laughter, depth, movement, focusing, attunement, emotional intelligence and applied exercises.  Concentrating on awareness and alignment of your deepest dreams, we help you take action and accountability on their behalf.

Combining over 60 years of experience in the creative, healing and intuitive arts, to business, industry and leadership, Tim and Tammy offer a unique combination of "living awareness and leadership.”  Our intention is to help you create a more peaceful, hopeful, expressive life and to set a strong foundation for your dreams and your future.

If this is what you are seeking, then please join us for The Gift of Flight!

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